The Team

United, the GLA team brings together their expertise and skills with an authentic desire to see their clients grow.

Joanne Hernon

Our Fearless Leader

Well, most of the time she’s fearless but even when faced with uncharted territory or a new challenge, she doubles down to see it through. She’s inspired by her seeing her clients grow and their businesses take off. She excels at designing strategies and building teams.

Cynthia Borris

Social Media Maven

AMA, BTW, CTA – social media is her second language. From the Twitter information superhighway to the art gallery that is Instagram, she lives and plays where she works and she’s always excited about bringing new friends to the social media party. Say no to FOMO.

Michelle Harris

Publicity Guru

Michelle isn’t afraid of hurricanes, especially when those hurricanes are the kind that are brought on by the media attention she gets for our clients. As a journalist turned publicist, Michelle is passionate about how storytelling and targeted messaging create business-changing results.

Eli Corbin

Design Wizard

Picture this, a fast, creative, visual design specialist who once worked in a galaxy far, far away but now hangs her hat much closer to home. Her broad strokes and sharp, clear designs make it easy for your customers to get the message. With today’s image-oriented world (and factoring in inflation), Eli’s pictures are worth approximately 2.5 thousand words a period.

Jamie Wareham

Sensei of Search

Jamie’s destiny was sealed when her childhood friends refused to play Hide and Seek with her because she couldn’t be beat. Now, she’s taken her game online, using her superpowers to help GLA’s clients rise to the top of the search pile. These are the companies you’re looking for.

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