Glo Electric

From zero to over $4m in sales

Glo Electric

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The Problem

Glo-Electric was a new company in San Jose. When they contacted us, they did not have a website for potential customers to visit. Not only that, they had no social media presence either. In fact, all they really had was a logo for us to work with.





But, that did not stop us. In fact, we look forward to challenges just like this. And, we took them from nearly nothing to a fully developed, converting website in a matter of months. And we can do the same for you, so keep reading.

What We Did!

So, the very first thing that we did is get with Glo-Electric to figure out who they are, what they do, what types of clients they are looking for, and so on. The discovery phase is absolutely crucial for us to build a website that fulfills the needs of the business and the visitors.

After working through the discovery phase, we began work on the website. Knowing that this was a new company with no online presence whatsoever, we decided to focus on converting visitors into customers. Our goal was to reach a conversion rate of 15%, which is high when most optimized websites only convert at around 2% to 5%.

We made sure that the website was clean, modern, and easy to navigate. We did not overload the visitors with a ton of useless information that would overwhelm them.

After building the website, we created the social media pages that would help us funnel even more traffic to their website. Then we started working on their ad campaigns using multiple platforms to reach as many new visitors as possible.

The Results

So, all that work means nothing if they are not making money … and they are! In fact, the website is already converting. By the second week of our new advertising campaign, they landed a great contract with a value of over $400,000! That doesn’t even include the other leads that they have received and converted. And, the website is still converting. Not only that, but it is ranking well in a very crowded online space.

Overall, it took us approximately six weeks to go from no online presence (no website, no social media, no advertising campaigns) to a fully functioning, converting website that is generating substantial profits for them already.

What Can We Do For You?!

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