A pediatric practice looking to increase new patients

Agency Partner Success Story: GetzWell

GetzWell was looking for a new agency to take over their entire marketing. They needed an agency who could partner with them to improve their online presence and drive new patients to their practice. That’s when they found GLA.

A Rich Partnership!

GetzWell Personalized Pediatrics is the next-gen pediatric practice that offers parents a truly personalized service for their children’s unique needs.

They needed to raise awareness of their unique services to parents throughout the Bay Area.

GLA came on-board to partner with them. They created a scaled approach by first providing them with Google search marketing as well as Facebook ads.

Because of the success of those campaigns, GLA also took over their social media marketing. Within 30 days, they saw an improvement to their engagement on their social sites.

GLA’s open communication style and transparency has helped GetzWell understand the marketing process and helped them to build trust with GLA.

Since partnering with GLA, they’ve seen a 30% increase to their new patient inquiries.

Increased Page Views

More Engagements

More clicks to their

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